Tuesday, 25 November 2008

French Socialists at war

Evil g brings good news from France: the socialist party is in disarray.  

Lille Mayor Martine Aubry, the former Minister who masterminded the legendary 35-hour week, won 42 votes more than her bitter rival, 2007 Presidential candidate Ségolène Royal, in the Socialist Party leadership battle.  

Royal, whose allies claim her rival cheated, won 49.98% of the 134,784 votes cast, and is now demanding another ballot.  

According to Julien Dray, an MP and Royal backer, “The only possible solution is another vote.” Manuel Valls, another MP and one of Ms Royal's top lieutenants, claimed there was fraud, and called for the membership to "rebel."

The Socialist Party has not won a Presidential election since 1988.  

The café where French socialists come to bicker after doing their 35 hours of work

Labour tax bombshell: "buy now pay later" budget

On the basis that there is excellent analysis of the mess Brown and Darling have landed the UK in, and their “solution”, evil g will not post detailed analysis on this blog, other than to say, as he commented here:
It is pathetic. They don’t live in the real world - prices are down 20-30% in shops - what difference will another 2.5% make?

The only people affected will be small shops who have to waste time and money, at the busiest time of the year, changing all their prices.

I suppose an income tax cut would have been more difficult for the leftists to take back.

I wander whether the duty on petrol, tobacco, and alcohol will come back down in 2010…fat chance.
To lighten the mood of the nation, evil g promises better news, with a sophisticated continental flavour…

Sunday, 23 November 2008

How green is Obama’s new limo?

Reports that the new Obama Presidential limo will be based on the GMC 2500, a gas guzzler which does less than 10 miles per gallon, and not the similar, yet hybrid, Ford Mercury Mariner, might be worrying for ecomentalists that backed Senator Obama in the recent Presidential election.

But there has been some evidence of Obama’s green credentials in recent days, with Mr Obama recycling Brent Scowcroft, a foreign policy advisor to the first President Bush.

More evidence of “the same old policies” is provided by the appointment of Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, a supporter of the Iraq war, to run the Homeland Security department, and General James Jones, who backed John McCain, as his National Security Adviser. George W Bush's Defence Secretary, Robert Gates is also likely to be retained.

Change has come to America.

Michelle Obama’s new hatchback

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Evil g adds "Digg" button and widget

Evil g has not been blogging for long, and has just made some changes to his blog.

There is now a “Digg” button with each post, a “Digg” widget on the right hand side of the page that links to top political stories, and google ads.

Not being a web developer, Evil g struggled with all this.

Evil g is not as nasty as he sounds, and would be happy to share the benefit of his experience with others setting up blogs.

Evil g learning about “code”

Evil g no longer an anti-capitalist

As may be apparent from the content of this blog, evil g is not and has never been an anti-capitalist.

"Anti-capitalist rantings" was supposed to be an ironic title, but having been blogging for about a week now, it occurred to evil g that it might alienate right-of-centre visitors, before they ever read the content.

The new title and description are more representative of the nature of this blog.

An old friend of evil g, Che Guevara will be turning in his grave at the news that evil g is lost to the cause

Friday, 21 November 2008

Fatties on domestic Canadian flights buy one, get one free

Fatties in Canada have been handed victory by the Canadian Supreme Court in a fight with Canada's two largest airlines.

The court refused to hear an appeal by the airlines, which means obese passengers can be classified as "disabled", and will be entitled to two seats for the price of one from January 2009.

The decision, which highlights the cultural difference between a socialised Canada and an enterprising United States, where taxes are 30% lower and disposable incomes are 29% higher, will be open to abuse and will increase prices for all passengers according to airlines.

The court refused to give reasons for its decision.

Canadians welcome the courts decision



Thursday, 20 November 2008

Joe the Plumber helps "spread the wealth"

Joe the plumber, whose name is actually Samuel, and who is not a plumber, came to prominence during the recent US Presidential election, when he confronted Senator Obama about his plans to raise taxes for people earning more than $250,000.

Samuel Wurzelbacher, who was undecided about who to vote for before the debates, eventually backed Senator McCain, because he was concerned about Senator Obama's Neo-Marxist economic policy, which involves "spreading the wealth".
Mr Wurzelbacherhas has now written a book titled "Joe the Plumber: Fighting for the American Dream", and says he decided to go with small publishing house PearlGate, in order to help "spread the wealth".

Karl Marx, who inspired Joe the Plumber to "spread the wealth"




Green activists exposed as BNP members

It emerged today that prominent members (as prominent as a "Greenies" can be) of the Green Party are on the list of BNP members that has been circulating on the internet this week.

The list includes Keith Bessant, a two-time Green parliamentary candidate, and a former local party chairman, Rev John Stanton.

The Green Party today defended Keith Bessant, claiming that he was not a racist, and had joined purely because he felt the BNP environment policy was "more radical" than that of the Green party.

The other Green activist that was this week forced out of the BNP closet, Rev John Stanton, insisted that “I am not a racist,” adding merely that “It’s Islam I don’t like, not Muslims."

Former local Green Party Chairman Rev John Stanton is a shining example to us all to get politically involved. Rev Stanton has been so involved that the BNP is the fifth political party he has been a member of since the 1970s.

This shining example to us all was first a Conservative, and then a Liberal councillor, then a local Green chairman, and did a stint in UKIP before joining the BNP.

Rev John Stanton below, doing his best impression of a chameleon

More "change" from Obama

Sources close to the Obama transition team have confirmed that former Senate majority leader Tom Daschle will be the next Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Daschle, a "special public policy adviser" at lobbying firm Alston Bird, is the latest in a long line of appointments that have left voters bemused at the "change" in Washington.

The Obama team have been busy recycling operatives from the Clinton administration. Among the list of corpses brought back from the dead, Rahm Emanuel, the incoming White House chief of staff was a political aide in the Clinton White House, and Greg Craig, incoming White House counsel. was President Clinton's lawyer during his impeachment.

Change has come to America.

Barak Obama, below, taking a break from putting his new team together


Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Labour feminists continue war on men

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith today announced plans to criminalise men paying for sex with "a person controlled for another person's gain". She has not yet announced any plans to help those women trapped in prostitution, or alternatively to criminalise the whole industry.

It seems the entire raison d'etre of many of Labour's female ministers is their war on men. Harriet Harman, Jacqui Smith, and Vera Baird seem to live in a parallel universe, unaware of womens liberation, and unaware of the fact that the vast majority of law students and medical students are female.

Perhaps the chips on their shoulders are due to the sexism in the Labour Party, in stark contrast to the Conservatives, who had a female Prime Minister for 11 years.

The picture below of Solicitor General Vera Baird has not been doctored in any way. She really is this pretty.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Diva Minister issued civil servants with Demand List

While Labour ministers are often accused of breathtaking incompetence, for example after loosing the confidential data of 20 million people, or after selling the UK gold reserve at record low prices, it seems that there are some things they are good at organising.

Like their coffee breaks for example. Liam Byrne, the new cabinet enforcer, has issued an 11 page diktat to his civil servants, in which he demands a cappuccino when he arrives, soup at 12.30-1pm, and an espresso at 3pm.

In the document, modestly entitled "Working With Liam Byrne", the diva minister also insists that size 16 point font must be used for his briefing notes.

Liam Byrne is the same Labour Minister who, while working at the Home Office, was fined £100 and given 3 points on his driving license for illegally using his mobile phone while driving.

Liam Byrne attached to his 3pm espresso



Monday, 17 November 2008

Hillary Clinton in Obama's cabinet?

There is news emanating from the Obama camp that they are seriously considering offering Hillary Clinton a Cabinet post.

What a slap in the face that would be for voters who supported Obama. They voted for change, and are going to be offered Hillary Clinton.

At least Barak Obama has made a start on another of his campaign pledges. He is so environmentally friendly that he is even recycling failed politicians from the 1990s.

Hillary Clinton in a former life...

...Niccolo Machiavelli

Obama looses his BlackBerry

President-elect Obama has been addicted to his BlackBerry for some time. Indeed he was often seen reading his emails on the campaign trail.

It seems however that he will not be "allowed" to continue using his beloved mobile device.

The reason: the Presidential records Act. This means that his email communications would be open to public scrutiny.

But why is this such a problem? The Democrats hate the Bush administration partly because of its secretive nature; why not be open themselves?

We already know the nature of some of Senator Obama's emails - he would often send messages like "Sox!" when the Chicago White Sox won a game.

And why do we know all this? Because the Democrats are being open, or because they want us all to know how cool their man is?

A crackberry addict reading an email from President-elect Obama

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Hottest October on record?


According to NASA scientist Dr James Hansen, who is one of Al Gore's pals, last month was the hottest October on record.

It seems however that the figures are wrong. Apparently, figures from the previous month were simply been carried forward and duplicated, resulting in unusually high October temperatures.

This is the same person that was recently forced to admit that according to his own research the hottest decade in the 20th century was...the 1930s!

Perhaps some of these climate alarmists should do some wider reading before trying to frighten the world:


The effects of global warming:

Saint Obama

Obama is in fashion at present. We all want change. And so there has been change.

A new President has been elected. US soldiers will remain in Iraq, a few more will go to Afghanistan, and the banks are still going to be bailed out.

Change has come to America.


The process of setting up this blog is a bit like a hybrid of setting up a facebook or myspace account, and setting up an email address.

The process reminded me myspace because of all colour and layout options, and of signing up for an email address, because just like when I try to sign up for an email address, I have been unable to get the name I wanted.

evilg.blogspot.com has been taken by someone who has has seemingly decided to do precisely nothing once he signed up. I am therefore http://evil-g.blogspot.com/.