Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Labour tax bombshell: "buy now pay later" budget

On the basis that there is excellent analysis of the mess Brown and Darling have landed the UK in, and their “solution”, evil g will not post detailed analysis on this blog, other than to say, as he commented here:
It is pathetic. They don’t live in the real world - prices are down 20-30% in shops - what difference will another 2.5% make?

The only people affected will be small shops who have to waste time and money, at the busiest time of the year, changing all their prices.

I suppose an income tax cut would have been more difficult for the leftists to take back.

I wander whether the duty on petrol, tobacco, and alcohol will come back down in 2010…fat chance.
To lighten the mood of the nation, evil g promises better news, with a sophisticated continental flavour…

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