Thursday, 20 November 2008

Green activists exposed as BNP members

It emerged today that prominent members (as prominent as a "Greenies" can be) of the Green Party are on the list of BNP members that has been circulating on the internet this week.

The list includes Keith Bessant, a two-time Green parliamentary candidate, and a former local party chairman, Rev John Stanton.

The Green Party today defended Keith Bessant, claiming that he was not a racist, and had joined purely because he felt the BNP environment policy was "more radical" than that of the Green party.

The other Green activist that was this week forced out of the BNP closet, Rev John Stanton, insisted that “I am not a racist,” adding merely that “It’s Islam I don’t like, not Muslims."

Former local Green Party Chairman Rev John Stanton is a shining example to us all to get politically involved. Rev Stanton has been so involved that the BNP is the fifth political party he has been a member of since the 1970s.

This shining example to us all was first a Conservative, and then a Liberal councillor, then a local Green chairman, and did a stint in UKIP before joining the BNP.

Rev John Stanton below, doing his best impression of a chameleon

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